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Our top of the range model is an item of outstanding up to date technology, one of only 3 in the world, and the only one available in Europe.




Z-Tron contains the following features:

* Two way Wireless communication system, including sound pick up and voice microphone allowing Z-Tron to meet and greet participants


* Built in Voice Synthesizer Board with 10 different settings


* Motorised Right Arm - can shake hands, wave Hello and Goodbye, and is designed to hand out Leaflets


* Fluent Head movement, pans 90 degrees left and Right, Tilts up and down when conversing

* Safe footholds enabling participants to dance with Z-Tron


* Retractable Tray within Chest Panel to hand out Leaflets or Samples


* Sound System comprising 2 powerful Amplifiers, CD Player, Cassette Tape Player,which can transmit pre-recorded messages or Music


* Digital Soundboard storing 28 different sound effects which can be activated by pressing any of 4 Buttons on the Chest Panel


* 9 Inch Colour Television within the Chest Panel which films participants


* Bright White Faceplate with Scanner effects creates focal point and adds extra element of life to Z-Tron


* Chasing LED Lights add to the animations


* Back Pack shows High Tech Electronics Circuit Board with flashing Indicator Lights


* Large detachable side panels on the base of Z-Tron enable extensive Product Branding, additional areas also available on the main body



Height: 5' 8'' Width 31''

Weight 195lbs

This is the most exciting Robot in Europe, for a unique way to Promote your Products and beat your Competitors BOOK NOW





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